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Ranch 18.525 acres - The Campanas Ranch - The Chocón Village

Neuquén State - Patagonia – Argentina



Category: Ranch.

Area: 18.525 acres.

Built in area: 800 m2.

Situated: It is situated at 17 kilometers from the wellknown The Chocón Village (one of the most important hidroelectric dam of Argentine). This dam is known as "Exequiel Ramos Mexía Lake". From the entrance to The Chocón Village (by National Route 237) the ranch is situatd at more or less 5 kilomteres on the way to Picún Leufú City, Piedra del Águila City o Bariloche City; and in a rural way to the ranch house there are 12 kilometers.

It has got 5000 lineal meters on the front part of the ranch on the National Route 237 that links Neuquén and Bariloche to the principal winter resorts of northen Patagonian like: The Angostura Village, Bariloche, Bolsón, San Martín de los Andes, Junín de los Andes and Traful Village.

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Services and built in constructions: The ranch is fully wired (with 7 or 6 wires). Ideal for keeping livestock, flock or horses. It has got two equal parts (with 6 wires) in a perfect condition.

The house ranch has got all the materials requiered for rural tasks; that is to say cattle raising or a good opstion for a feed-lot.

There ara two mills, two big australiam tank, some farmyards and an electicity generator by a sun screen too. There ara also all the necessary tools for farming.

atural country with more or less 1.200 meters in front of Collón Curá River. Is is good for several uses like foresting, lodging.

The ranch has also got a steward house with two bedroom, kitchen, dinning-room, bathroom.

There is house for the workers with a wood kitchen and a bedroom, there is also a wood stove for heating.

The ranch house is full of trees as some eucalyptus has recently been browght, they are fountain watered.

The two mills are in perfect conditions and provide an excelent water good for drinking. The australian tanks provide excellent water for the houses, plants and animals.

The ranch can be transited by internal ways. The most important things here are: First of all the qualified type of frinking water, the National Route 237 to urbanist and an oil source (a rent for it is paid).

Actual use of the property: Now the ranch is working with cattle raising (feed lot). An amount is paid by the goverment as a way to improve cattle raising in the area.

Future uses: The ranch is in a perfect situation for a lot of activities:

  1. Commercial activities like foresting.
  2. Tourism activities like: trekking, montaine bike, excursions, hunting.
  3. Cattle raising.
  4. Ideal to urbanist the front of National Route 237 to live in the Patagonia.

Important: All the legal papers in order. It is sold in the present state without tools, workers and animals.

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